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Solatube Commercial Daylighting Technology

At Solatube International, we intentionally design our daylighting systems using passive technology in order to significantly reduce system costs and maintenance. We’ve also spent the last 20 years perfecting this technology to ensure our Solatube Daylighting Systems perform better than other tubular daylighting devices on the market. 

Unlike Solatube Daylighting Systems, active daylighting systems rely on moving parts to achieve the promised performance. But a multitude of things can and do go wrong. Components break, switches stop working, and electrical outages significantly reduce system effectiveness. Active systems also don’t work well on cloudy days, rendering them practically useless until the sun reappears. 

As an example, we engineered our patented Raybender Technology to work optimally from different angles. As a result, it captures sunlight more effectively than domes with active technology. The same goes for our proprietary Spectralight Infinity Tubing. It has no moving parts and yet it transfers daylight more efficiently and delivers better color rendition than active systems due to the nature of its composition. Proof that you don’t need fancy moving parts to perform at the highest level. 

The end result is a broad offering of affordable, high-performing commercial daylighting solutions that deliver a massive amount of high-quality light—on both sunny and cloudy days—with virtually no commissioning or maintenance. Learn more about our innovative passive daylighting systems by clicking on one of the boxes above.